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Just a thought…

There are those days when you just have to find the humor in raising kids. There always seems to be more work than time so NEVER turn down help! The things we sometimes take for granted are usually the simplest.

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Project365 for breakfast

I’ve been having fun with the project I’m working on with a few friends. It’s a challenge to take a new photo every day and keep it interesting.  Looking at everything in new ways is refreshing in the dead of winter.  Kids and food…how can you miss? Thanks for taking a look.

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I’ve been working on a year long project with some friends called project 365.  The object is to simply take a photo every day and post it to our group on flickr (project365-2010 if you would like to join) So far it has forced me to pick up my camera and keep shooting even on […]

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Spring is on the horizon!

Spring fashion is coming….. Believe it or not spring is right around the corner. Although snow is still on the ground, our minds are already thinking of warmer days!  To welcome spring Roeckell Photography is proud to offer an exclusive trunk show featuring Matilda Jane’s “Hammond Bay” Spring line of children’s clothing. Nostalgic, yet contemporary- […]

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Again with my own child but couldn’t resist. He was getting dressed to do out in the snow and the sun streaming into the garage was pure white.  (it happens when there is 10 inches of snow outside your door).  The jury is out on these though. Some say spooky and others awesome. All in […]

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